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KORAN:ALL-IN-ONE FREE: Learn Arabic, 30 classes of 600 words of all Koran, Recitation, and 1920 Topics of Koran!
Praise be to Allah.
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by Servant of Koran & Hadith Ahmad Darwish
"Study 23% of the words of the Koran ONLY and you learn all of it.”

Said Anne and Darwish

Al hamdulillah, I am the first and last in 1000 years to come up with this, To help you master learning in easy way.
Stay away from MS/PhD programs in Islam making money [if you get dragged on your face on the last day and thrown in hell for selling Islam, don't blame us ... blame zaituna and the like, read/hear the warning of the Prophet salla Allahu alihi wa sallam in his authentic Hadith on knowledge - hadith no 70 ] ... try egg incubators to make lots of money, or sheep growing .. But do not be greedy with orphan and needy while you feed the capitalistic liberal Islamic edu, we made lots of money in IT
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remember 2.5% Zakah, medicine etc yes you do not touch the egg with your hand

“Study 18000 words 600 words in 30 booklets better than studying 77000 words repeated many folds"

"Study 23% of the words of the Koran and you learn all of it.” Said Anne and Darwish

This also tells you how other sites specially whose making money selling Islam - are out of touch! Please give what Allah has blessed us with some respect!

Preface: Alhamdulillah, when I was a young youth in 1970s, I wrote small booklet on the recitation rules of Koran and used to give it away freely and teach it in many free summer campus classes and few mosques in Cairo and was invited in TV to present my simple way.

In 1983 I used cassettes players to record and let children memories and read exactly as they hear
it was very cool and they were televised in Saudi Arabia as young blue eyes kids reading exactly like big famous Egyptian shaikhs.

Now I am using this system teaching adult in grand mosque after Jumuah prayer and using it at home to teach 2 1/2 years the same. InshaAllah, soon we will apply it to the whole village children in a house nearby.
1. Smartphone and Tablets: Please download this App
2. PC: Please download the MP3 from this link
3. Please download these Arabic 30 classes per 600 words each covers all words A-Z of Koran without repetition in the order which is written in Koran
4. Download our English Koran in Topics (or your own language copy - we have over 45 copies in draft topics)
2706|88languages/English/The Holy Koran in Arabic English with 1770 sub-titles.pdf

I will show you the most kept secret to DIY best performance in:


Al-quranul karim mulai juz pertama 600 kata dan 60 ayat.doc Size: 885 KB

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[A] PERFECT RECITATION (by emulating Shaikh Menshawi)
[B] PERFECT MEMORIZATION to memorize some or all chapters
[C] ALL KORAN ARABIC WORDS MEANING with great saving only 23%

Once you downloaded the above three please hear me.
so you wonder how Imam Shaf'i or Abu Hanifa memorized the whole Koran by 6 years old

* Syeh Abdel Qadir Al Jailani {2 1/2 years old} is using this system and memorized 30 chapters in 2 months alhamdulillah
one hour a day once wake up
reading as above less than one minute verses in two days he/she will memorize
then just before going to sleep hear all the 20 chapters
as daily review

Koran Download by Minshawi:
سورة الفاتحة|2 سورة البقرة|3 سورة آل عمران|4 سورة النساء|5 سورة المائدة|6 سورة الأنعام|7 سورة الأعراف|8 سورة الأنفال|9 سورة التوبة|10 سورة يونس|11 سورة هود|12 سورة يوسف|13 سورة الرعد|14 سورة إبراهيم|15 سورة الحجر|16 سورة النحل|17 سورة الإسراء|18 سورة الكهف|19 سورة مريم|20 سورة طه|21 سورة الأنبياء|22 سورة الحج|23 سورة المؤمنون|24 سورة النور|25 سورة الفرقان|26 سورة الشعراء|27 سورة النمل|28 سورة القصص|29 سورة العنكبوت|30 سورة الروم|31 سورة لقمان|32 سورة السجدة|33 سورة الأحزاب|34 سورة سبأ|35 سورة فاطر|36 سورة يس|37 سورة الصافات|38 سورة ص|39 سورة الزمر|40 سورة غافر|41 سورة فصلت|42 سورة الشورى|43 سورة الزخرف|44 سورة الدخان|45 سورة الجاثية|46 سورة الأحقاف|47 سورة محمد|48 سورة الفتح|49 سورة الحجرات|50 سورة ق|51 سورة الذاريات|52 سورة الطور|53 سورة النجم|54 سورة القمر|55 سورة الرحمن|56 سورة الواقعة|57 سورة الحديد|58 سورة المجادلة|59 سورة الحشر|60 سورة الممتحنة|61 سورة الصف|62 سورة الجمعة|63 سورة المنافقون|64 سورة التغابن|65 سورة الطلاق|66 سورة التحريم|67 سورة الملك|68 سورة القلم|69 سورة الحاقة|70 سورة المعارج|71 سورة نوح|72 سورة الجن|73 سورة المزمل|74 سورة المدثر|75 سورة القيامة|76 سورة الإنسان|77 سورة المرسلات|78 سورة النبأ|79 سورة النازعات|80 سورة عبس|81 سورة التكوير|82 سورة الإنفطار|83 سورة المطففين|84 سورة الإنشقاق|85 سورة البروج|86 سورة الطارق|87 سورة الأعلى|88 سورة الغاشية|89 سورة الفجر|90 سورة البلد|91 سورة الشمس|92 سورة الليل|93 سورة الضحى|94 سورة الشرح|95 سورة التين|96 سورة العلق|97 سورة القدر|98 سورة البينة|99 سورة الزلزلة|100 سورة العاديات|101 سورة القارعة|102 سورة التكاثر|103 سورة العصر|104 سورة الهمزة|105 سورة الفيل|106 سورة قريش|107 سورة الماعون|108 سورة الكوثر|109 سورة الكافرون|110 سورة النصر|111 سورة المسد|112 سورة الإخلاص|113 سورة الفلق|114 سورة الناس||