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Stop the false description of Allah (in a place in the upper sixth 6th direction which proclaimed by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Muhammad ibn Abdel Wahab, Ibn Taymia and all Salafi of today.) The first book of Iman there of 2777 Hadith proven they are wrong and against the faith and creed of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم

أيضا انظر ردنا على كتاب عقيدتنا للشيخ محمد المقدسي منظر أتباع ابن عبد الوهاب وأيضا ردنا بل تصحيحنا لكتاب التوحيد لمحمد عبد الوهاب يثبت أنه أجهل من ناقة قومه في التوحيد

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Al Hamdulillah, this volume is the 1797 Definitive Words, 12994 Subjects, 49591 Quoted Verses Concordance of the Holy Koran. It contains 75611 lines and 7,504,062 characters, 4171 Subtitles, Subjects, Topics of the Holy Koran - with all its verses - based on 1797 unique English words and 1770 subjects with a core of 667 subjects in 3500 combinations producing 12994 subjects in 2675 Pages with Font 14 of Times New Roman.


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  Aad, the topic of

SUBJECT: Contempt of the unbelievers of Aad 7:70-71

7:70 They said, 'Have you come to us in order that we worship Allah alone and renounce that which our fathers worshipped? Bring down that with which you threaten us if you are from the truthful!'

7:71 He answered, 'The punishment and wrath of your Lord has already fallen upon you. Would you dispute with me about names which you and your fathers have invented, and for which no authority has been sent down from Allah? Wait if you will, I am waiting with you.'


SUBJECT:  The people of Aad had no love for sincere advisors who tried to lead them to Allah 7:76-78

7:76 Those who were proud said, 'We disbelieve in that which you believed in.'

7:77 (Then) they hamstrung the she-camel and defied the order of their Lord, saying to Salih, 'Bring down that which you have promised us if you truly are one of the Messengers.'

7:78 Thereupon the earthquake seized them, at morning in their dwellings they were crouched, dead.

7:79 He turned from them, saying, 'I conveyed to you, my nation the Message of my Lord and gave you counsel; but you had no love for sincere advisers.'


SUBJECT:  The story of Prophet Hood and the nation of Aad 11:50-60

11:50 To Aad (We sent) their brother Hood. He said, 'My nation, worship Allah; you have no god except He. You are only forgers.

11:51 My nation, for this I ask of you no wage. My wage is only with He who created me. Will you not understand?


SUBJECT:  Rejection of Aad and Hood's reply to their disbelief 11:52-57

11:52 My nation, ask your Lord to forgive you and turn to Him in repentance. From the sky He will loose an abundance (of rain) upon you; He will add strength to your strength. Do not turn away as sinners.'

11:53 They replied, 'Hood, you have not brought us a clear sign. We will not forsake our gods because of what you say. We do not believe you.

11:54 We say nothing except our gods have afflicted you with some kind of evil.' He said, 'I call Allah to witness, and you to bear witness, that I reject what you associate,

11:55 other than Him, so all of you, scheme against me, then you shall give me no respite.

11:56 In truth, I have put my trust in Allah, (who is) my Lord and your Lord. There is no crawling creature that He does not take by the forelock. Indeed, my Lord is on a Straight Path.

11:57 If you turn away, I have delivered to you that with which I was sent, and my Lord will cause people other than you to be your successors. You cannot harm Him a thing. My Lord is the Guardian over every thing.'


SUBJECT:  Aad are cursed in this life and the next for their disbelief 11:59

11:59 Such was Aad. They disbelieved the verses of their Lord, rebelled against His Messengers, and did the bidding of every rebellious tyrant .

11:60 They were overtaken by a curse in this world, and (they shall be cursed) on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, Aad disbelieved in their Lord. Gone are Aad, the nation of Hood.


SUBJECT:  Aad, Thamood and the nation of Er Rass were destroyed because they belied their prophets, it was not an act of the so called "Mother Nature" 23:38-40

25:38 also to Aad and Thamood, and the nation of Er Rass and many generations in between;

25:39 to each of them We gave examples, and each of them We utterly ruined.

25:40 They have surely passed by the village which was rained upon by evil rain (of stones); what, have they never seen it? No, they look for no resurrection.


SUBJECT:  The story of Prophet Hood and the contempt of the nation of Aad 26:123-140

26:123 (The nation of) Aad belied their Messengers.

26:124 When their brother Hood said to them, 'Will you not be cautious?

26:125 I am for you an honest Messenger.

26:126 Fear Allah and obey me.

26:127 For this I ask of you no wage, for my wage falls only on the Lord of the Worlds.


SUBJECT:  The people of Aad abuse the blessings of Allah and become tyrants 26:128-140

26:128 Do you build over each high place a sign to amuse yourselves!

26:129 And do you take to yourselves underground reservoirs, in order to live for ever!

26:130 When you assault, you assault like tyrants.

26:131 So fear Allah, and obey me.

26:132 Fear Him who has given you all the things you know.

26:133 He has given you flocks and sons,

26:134 gardens and fountains.

26:135 Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a dreadful Day.'

26:136 They replied, 'It is the same to us whether you admonish or whether you are not one of the admonishers.

26:137 That is nothing but a habit of the ancients,

26:138 and we shall never be punished.'

26:139 So they belied him, so We destroyed them. Surely, in that there is a sign; yet most of them do not believe.

26:140 Surely, your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.


SUBJECT:  satan made the works of Aad and Thamood seem fair to them 29:38

29:38 Aad and Thamood, it has become clear to you from their dwellings; satan made their works seem fair to them and barred them from the Path, although they saw clearly.


SUBJECT:  The destruction of Aad was not an act of "mother nature" it was a sign with which we might learn a lesson 46:21-28

46:21 Remember Aad's brother who warned his nation in (the valley of) Al Ahqaf. Warners had already preceded and succeeded him saying, 'Worship none except Allah! (he said) 'Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a Dreadful Day.'

46:22 'Have you come to turn us away from our gods (they replied)? If what you say is true then bring down that which you promise us!'

46:23 'Allah alone has the knowledge' he said, 'I am sent to deliver to you the Message. But I can see that you are ignorant people.'

46:24 And when they saw it as a sudden cloud heading for their valley they said, 'This is a cloud that will bring us rain!' 'Rather,' (he replied), 'it is that which you have sought to hasten, a wind in which there is a painful punishment.

46:25 It will destroy everything by the command of its Lord.' And when morning came there was nothing to be seen except their dwellings. As such We recompense sinful people.

46:26 And We had established them in that which We have not established you, and We made for them hearing, sight, and hearts, but their hearing, sight, and hearts did not help them a thing, because they disbelieved the signs of Allah. And what they mocked encompassed them.

46:27 We destroyed the villages around you and We repeated Our signs so that they might return.

46:28 Why did not those who they took, other than Allah, as mediating gods help them! Indeed, they went astray from them! Such were their lies and what they were forging.


SUBJECT:  The destruction of Aad 51:41-42

51:41 And in Aad. We let loose on them a withering wind

51:42 that left nothing it came upon, except that it was ashes.


SUBJECT:  The devastation that befell Aad, Iram, Thamood and Pharaoh were not acts of Mother Nature, each were punished by Allah for their disbelief. Mother Nature is an invented name by those who disbelieve the warnings of Allah. 89:1- 14

89:1 By the dawn

89:2 and ten nights (of pilgrimage or the last ten days of Ramadan),

89:3 by the even, and the odd,

89:4 by the night when it journeys on!

89:5 Is there in that an oath for the mindful?

89:6 Have you not heard how your Lord dealt with Aad

89:7 of the columned (city) of Iram,

89:8 the like of which was never created in the countries?

89:9 And Thamood, who hewed out the rocks of the valley?

89:10 And Pharaoh, of the pegs (impaling his victims)?

89:11 They were tyrants in the land

89:12 and exceeded in corruption therein.

89:13 (For that) your Lord let loose upon them a scourge of punishment;

89:14 indeed, your Lord is ever watchful.


  Aali, the topic of



SUBJECT:  3 The Family of 'Imran - Aali 'Imran


In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful

3:1 AlifLaamMeem.


  Aaron, the topic of



SUBJECT:  The Children of Israel disobey Moses and Aaron and are condemned to wander in the desert for forty years 5:21-26

5:21 Enter, my people, the Holy Land which Allah has written for you. Do not turn back in your footsteps, lest you shall turn to be losers.'

5:22 'Moses,' they replied, 'therein is a nation of giants. We will not enter until they depart from it; if they depart from it only then shall we enter.'

5:23 Thereupon, two pious men whom Allah had favored said, 'Go in to them through the gate, and if you enter you shall surely be victorious. In Allah put your trust, if you are believers.'

5:24 They said, 'Moses, we will never go in so long as they are in it. Go, you and your Lord, to fight. We will stay here.'


SUBJECT:  Prophet Moses leaves his brother, Prophet Aaron, in charge of the Children of Israel for his appointment with Allah 7:142

7:142 We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and We completed them with ten more; so that the appointment with his Lord took forty nights. Moses said to Aaron, his brother, 'Take my place among my nation. Do what is right and do not follow the path of the corrupt doers.'


SUBJECT:  The story of Pharaoh, Prophets Moses and Aaron 10:75-93

10:75 Then, after them We sent Moses and Aaron with Our signs to Pharaoh and his Council. But they were arrogant, for they were a sinful nation.


SUBJECT:  Aaron is made a prophet 19:53

19:53 From Our Mercy We gave him, his brother Aaron, a Prophet.


SUBJECT:  Moses and Aaron go to Pharoah with the warning signs of Allah 20:42-70

20:42 Go, you and your brother with My signs, and do not be negligent of My Remembrance.

20:43 Go to Pharaoh, for he has become insolent.


SUBJECT:  Pharaoh asks Moses and Aaron who their Lord is 20:49-54

20:49 He (Pharaoh) said, 'Moses, who is the Lord of you both?'

20:50 'Our Lord,' he replied, 'is He Who gave everything its creation and then guided it.'

20:51 He (Pharaoh) asked, 'How was it then, with the former generations?'

20:52 He (Moses) answered, 'The knowledge of them is in a Book with My Lord. My Lord neither goes astray, nor forgets.

20:53 It is He who has made for you the earth as a cradle and threaded roads for you and sends down water from the sky with which We bring forth every kind of plant.

20:54 You eat and let your cattle graze.' Surely, in this there are signs for those of understanding.

20:55 We created you from it (the earth), and to it We shall restore you; and from it We will bring you forth yet a second time.

20:56 So We showed him (Pharaoh) Our signs, all of them, but he belied and refused them.

20:57 He said, 'Moses, have you come to drive us from our land with your sorcery?

20:58 We will indeed bring sorcery similar to yours. Appoint a meeting place between us and you, in a place which is agreeable to both which neither we nor you shall not fail (to keep).'

20:59 He (Moses) replied, 'Your meeting shall be on the day of the feast, and let the people be assembled by midmorning.'

20:60 So Pharaoh withdrew and gathered his guile, then returned,

20:61 and Moses said to them, 'Alas! Do not forge a lie against Allah lest He destroys you with a punishment. Indeed, whosoever forges has failed.'

20:62 They disputed upon their plan with one another, and spoke in secret

20:63 saying, 'These two are sorcerers whose aim is to drive you from your land by their sorcery and destroy your noble ways.

20:64 Gather your guile and then lineup a rank those who gain the upper hand today shall indeed prosper.'

20:65 They said to Moses, 'Will you throw down or shall we be the first?'

20:66 Moses replied, 'No, you throw first.' And by their sorcery it seemed to him that their ropes and staffs were sliding.

20:67 Moses became fearful within himself.

20:68 But We said to him, 'Do not be afraid; you shall surely be the uppermost.

20:69 Throw that which is in your right hand. It will swallow up that which they have made, for that which they made is but the guile of a sorcerer. Wherever he goes the sorcerer does not prosper.'


SUBJECT:  Moses and Aaron were guided upon the Straight Path 37:114-122

37:114 We also favored Moses and Aaron

37:115 and We saved them with their nation from a great distress.

37:116 We helped them, and they became victorious,

37:117 and We gave them the Clear Book,

37:118 and guided them upon the Straight Path.

37:119 And We let it (the beautiful praise) remain upon on both of them in the latter (generations),

37:120 'Peace be upon Moses and Aaron! '

37:121 As such We recompense the good doers.

37:122 They were among Our believing worshipers.


SUBJECT:  Pharaoh laughed at the signs of Allah and belied Moses and Aaron 43:46-56

43:46 We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his Council, and he said, 'I am the Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds.'

43:47 But when he showed them Our signs they laughed at them,

43:48 yet there was not a sign that We showed them that was not greater than its sister, and We seized them with the punishment so that they might return.

43:49 'Sorcerer,' they said, 'pray to your Lord for us in accordance to the covenant He has made with you, and surely we shall be rightly guided!'

43:50 But when We had relieved them of their punishment they broke their promise.

43:51 Then Pharaoh made a proclamation to his people, 'My people, is the kingdom of Egypt not mine and these rivers which flow beneath me? What, can you not see?

43:52 Am I not better than this contemptible (man), who can scarcely make things clear (because of the impediment of his speech)?

43:53 Why have no armlets of gold been given him, or angels sent down successively with him?'

43:54 He (Pharaoh) intimidated his nation, so they obeyed him, for they were a sinning nation.

43:55 And when they angered Us, We took vengeance on them and drowned all of them,

43:56 and We made them a thing of the past, and We made them an example to later people.


  abandon, the topic of



SUBJECT:  Those who abandon the Revelation in preference to their own ideas 22:8-10

22:8 Some dispute about Allah, though they have neither knowledge nor guidance, nor an illuminating Book.

22:9 There is for him who turns his side to lead (others) astray from the Path of Allah, degradation in this life and We shall let him taste the punishment of the burning on the Day of Resurrection.

22:10 'This, is the reward for what your hands have forwarded. Allah is not unjust to the worshipers.'


SUBJECT:  Do not abandon the guidance of Allah by seeking the guidance of the unbelievers. Seek the guidance of believing authorities 60:13

60:13 Believers, do not take as guides those who have incurred the Wrath of Allah and who despair of the Everlasting Life (to come), like the unbelievers despaired of the inhabitants of the tombs (that they shall be resurrected).


  Abandoning, the topic of





The End

Praise and thanks be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad and all His prophets.


Ahmed Darwish, NorKhadijah Ahmad Darwish,

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