3072|A great supplication
1903|A Muslim should love Allah and His Messenger more than his family and possessions
7392|A reminder and the death of those who turned away from Allah
6100|A sincere witness from the Children of Israel put aside racial pride and recognizes, and testifies that the Koran is from Allah
6704|A time for self examination and contemplation
2279|Aad are cursed in this life and the next for their disbelief
4072|Aad, Thamood and the nation of Er Rass were destroyed because they belied their prophets, it was not an act of the so called Mother Nature
3320|Aaron is made a prophet
967|Abandoning the Might of Allah by seeking the might of the unbelievers
3729|Abraham and Ishmael are ordered to proclaim the pilgrimage and establish its rites
199|Abraham and Ishmael raise the foundations of Ka'bah
202|Abraham and Ishmael supplicate for Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet
406|Abraham and King Nimrod
6325|Abraham and Lot, and the angelic visitation
559|Abraham and the Jews, Nazarenes and Christians
1328|Abraham challenges Azar
5297|Abraham challenges his people and demonstrates the worthlessness of their idolatry
2302|Abraham is told that the nation of Lot is about to be punished because of their acts of sodomy
3313|Abraham leaves his people on account of their idolatry and is blessed with sons
3613|Abraham proves the worthlessness of idolatry
2654|Abraham supplicates for Lady Hagar and Ishmael as he leaves them by the Ka'ba in Mecca according to the order of Allah
4626|Abraham tells his people to worship and fear Allah
2658|Abraham thanks Allah for Ishmael and Isaac
2948|Abraham was a man of pure faith
1335|Abraham was not an idolater
3637|Abraham's children and some of his descendants were prophets
1342|Abraham's lineage and some of his descendants
207|Abraham's warning
1139|Acceptance of all the prophets
1501|Adam and Eve ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness, their descent to earth
1496|Adam and Eve in Paradise
6841|After satan tricks a person into disbelief he abandons him/her
344|Alcohol and gambling
3717|All creation prostrate to Allah
3986|All creatures of the heavens and earth exalt Allah
1423|All or nothing for Allah
2613|All the messengers and prophets of Allah were humans
3557|All the prophets and messengers of Allah were human
3328|All the prophets are descended from Adam
583|All the prophets worshipped One God
3347|All will experience Hell but the cautious believers will be saved
2549|All will prostrate themselves before Allah
2205|All will return to Allah
6428|Allah affirms the prophecy of Jesus which is that Prophet Muhammad does not speak out of desire but only by the Word of Allah
3039|Allah alone has the power to remove affliction
4669|Allah alone is the author of the Koran not Prophet Muhammad
2778|Allah alone is the Creator of the heavens and the earth
4831|Allah alone knows when the Hour will come
5637|Allah alone sends down the Revelation
5370|Allah and His angels
1873|Allah and His Messenger reject idolaters
289|Allah answers supplications
5210|Allah bears witness that He is One
925|Allah bears witness that He sent the Koran down to Prophet Muhammad
1014|Allah bears witness that He sent the Koran to Prophet Muhammad
7038|Allah bears witness to the high rank of Prophet Muhammad
6574|Allah challenges humanity and jinn
42|Allah challenges humanity that if they are in doubt about the authenticity of the Koran to write an Arabic Koran like it
6907|Allah challenges the Jews who claim that they are the only ones guided by Him
5096|Allah challenges those who associate partners with Him to show Him what they created
6088|Allah challenges those who do not believe to show those who believe what their associates have created
525|Allah chooses and purifies Mary
6180|Allah completed His Favor upon Prophet Muhammad
1352|Allah confirms that He sent down the Holy Koran and that it confirms the previous, original Books given to other prophets
6098|Allah confirms that Prophet Muhammad is indeed His Messenger. The prophecy of Jesus is fulfilled Prophet Muhammad who said, A messenger will come who will not speak from himself, but only with the Words of Allah
2201|Allah confirms the Koran is His Book
460|Allah declares His Oneness
6213|Allah declares Islam is the religion of truth and that it is above all other religions, and confirms that Muhammad is indeed His Messenger
2469|Allah directs Joseph to hide a goblet in his brother's saddlebag
2576|Allah does not break His promise
472|Allah does not break His promise
6864|Allah does not forbid you to be kind or just to those who accept you as Muslims and do not harm you, Allah wants you to be just
829|Allah does not forgive the sin of association with Him
2141|Allah does not have a son
297|Allah does not love aggression
666|Allah does not love the harm doers
6777|Allah does not love those who are proud, boastful, mean or those who turn away
3742|Allah does not love those who cheat
5775|Allah does not wrong His worshipers
4709|Allah does not wrong people, rather they wrong themselves
7956|Allah eases the path for those who believe
7964|Allah eases the path of hardship for those who disbelieve
3074|Allah established His truth
1952|Allah exposes and warns the hypocrites who say and do hurtful things against Him and His Prophet
1909|Allah forbids non-Muslims to enter the Sacred Mosque in Mecca
5620|Allah forgives sins and accepts repentance
6186|Allah forgives the sins of those who believe but punishes those who do not
2611|Allah forgives those who turn to Him
6785|Allah gave Jesus a Gospel, where is it now? It was never included in the New Testament of the Bible.
2405|Allah gives Joseph judgment and knowledge
1742|Allah guards the righteous
6945|Allah guides the hearts of believers
428|Allah has knowledge of all that we do
6753|Allah has knowledge of all things including your thoughts
2656|Allah has knowledge of all things, hidden or apparent
5516|Allah has no desire for a son
5288|Allah hears the call of Noah
2526|Allah Himself informs us that the Koran is His truth
2008|Allah informs Prophet Muhammad that a mosque has been built to pervert the teachings of Islam, and it is there that the hypocrites congregate
223|Allah instructs Prophet Muhammad to pray towards the Sacred Mosque in Mecca
4939|Allah instructs the believers to praise His prophet in abundance
3116|Allah instructs us to exalt Him with His exaltations repeatedly - Dhikr
6755|Allah invites you to Islam and tells you that it is He who sent down the Koran
2797|Allah is above all that is associated with Him
3576|Allah is above all that is associated with Him
321|Allah is Gentle to His worshipers
2108|Allah is Just
3339|Allah is Lord of the heavens and earth
658|Allah is merciful to those who obey Him and His Messenger
955|Allah is not in need of those who disbelieve
3541|Allah is not in need of us, but we are in need of Him
1062|Allah is not the Messiah
8182|Allah is One, there is none equal to Him
1939|Allah is our Guardian, all matters are decreed by Him
4685|Allah is our Provider
6976|Allah is powerful over all things
1818|Allah is the best Guardian and best Giver of victory
2197|Allah is the Best of judges
5970|Allah is the Creator of all things
4965|Allah is the Forgiver, the Most Merciful
3194|Allah is the Forgiver, the Owner of Mercy
5802|Allah is the Judge between us all
8006|Allah is the Most Just of judges
3387|Allah is the Owner of all creation
3771|Allah is the Truth
4823|Allah is the Truth and all others are false
5613|Allah is true to His promise
5640|Allah judges with justice
3499|Allah knows all things
2536|Allah knows and sees all things
6931|Allah knows our thoughts and sees everything we do
5588|Allah knows the multiple shortcomings of His worshipers and comforts us by telling us not to despair of His Mercy||58
2208|Allah knows the secrets of everyone
451|Allah knows what is in your heart
3378|Allah loves those who believe and do righteous deeds
225|Allah made the followers of Islam to be a median nation, not a fanatical nation
1357|Allah makes plain His verses
744|Allah never breaks His promise
2363|Allah never destroys unjustly
2450|Allah never wastes the wage of the righteous
5080|Allah not only forgives but thanks His worshipers
6866|Allah only forbids you to be guided by those who have fought against you because you are Muslims and contributed to you expulsion
845|Allah orders justice
1510|Allah orders justice
5952|Allah orders Prophet Muhammad to say that if He had a son, he would be the first to worship him
4367|Allah orders Prophet Muhammad to start preaching to his tribe and family
2907|Allah orders us to be just
4|Allah praises Himself
6770|Allah promises those who give in charity will be repaid many times over
3632|Allah protects Abraham when his people try to kill him and saved Lot
1108|Allah protects the Arabic Koran from those who try to tamper with it
2687|Allah protects the Holy Koran Himself
5460|Allah purified His prophets
147|Allah refutes the claim of the Jews that the Everlasting Life is for them alone
6401|Allah refutes the claim of the unbelievers
119|Allah reminds Prophet Muhammad that the Jews knew and understood the truth but tampered with it
382|Allah revived a tribe of Jews after He had made them die
5800|Allah revives the dead
6516|Allah saves Hood and his followers from his disbelieving nation
2277|Allah saves Hood and the believers from the harsh punishment
6533|Allah saves Lot and his family from his disbelieving nation
6506|Allah saves Noah and his followers from his disbelieving nation
6522|Allah saves Salih and his followers from his disbelieving nation
2131|Allah sees everything and nothing escapes Him
1370|Allah sees us
2073|Allah sends His signs at His determination
5083|Allah sent Holy Books to His prophets and the Holy Koran confirms the truth that remains in these Holy Books
3684|Allah sent Prophet Muhammad as a mercy to all the worlds
1916|Allah sent Prophet Muhammad to raise Islam above all other religions
6889|Allah sent Prophet Muhammad with Islam and raised it above all religions
410|Allah shows Abraham how He raises the dead
2963|Allah shows some of His special signs to Prophet Muhammad on his miraculous night journey between Mecca and Jerusalem
3595|Allah shows the unbelievers where they go astray
1784|Allah slew the unbelievers at Badr
3317|Allah speaks to Moses
1666|Allah speaks to Prophet Moses
3760|Allah supersedes the tampering of satan and confirms His verses
7664|Allah swears a great oath to the nobility of Prophet Muhammad and that He has given Prophet Muhammad a great rank
5109|Allah swears by the Wise Koran that Prophet Muhammad is truly His Messenger and that he was sent to warn
6425|Allah swears that Prophet Muhammad is neither straying from the Straight Path nor is he in error
7139|Allah swears to the nobility, truthfulness and upright character of Prophet Muhammad
59|Allah teaches Adam the names of all things
3034|Allah tells His worshipers to speak with the finest words
6871|Allah tells Prophet Muhammad to supplicate for the forgiveness of believing women
2551|Allah tells us He is the Creator of everything and that He is One without associates
39|Allah tells us to worship Him and reminds us that it is He alone who has created us
1175|Allah tests
243|Allah tests us
7422|Allah thanks the believers for their striving and recompenses them with bounties of the Everlasting Life
4882|Allah took a covenant with all His prophets
2856|Allah warns His creation not to associate anyone with Him
1816|Allah will forgive the unbelievers if they turn away from associating anyone or anything with Allah
3712|Allah will give Prophet Muhammad victory in this world and the next
5578|Allah will judge between the differences
3715|Allah will judge everyone on the Day of Resurrection
2639|Allah will strengthen believers with a steadfast Word
5819|Allah wipes out falsehood and verifies the truth
2376|Allah, Himself sent the Koran for us to understand
7364|Allah, Himself swears by the Day of Resurrection and His ability to recreate us
6747|Allah, the Creator is exalted in the heavens and earth
4640|Amongst the descendants of Abraham were prophets who were given the Book
5050|An easy to understand example of how easy it is for Allah to resurrect the dead
34|An example of those who barter away guidance
2037|An insight into the character of Prophet Muhammad
1778|Angels fight at encounter of Badr
5848|Answer your Creator while there is still time
593|Apostates and the mercy of Allah to those who repent
193|Appointment of Abraham and his descendants
7410|Are you among the grateful or ungrateful?
1880|As long as those of another faith are straight with Muslims, Muslims are ordered to be straight with them
2689|As Prophet Muhammad was mocked so were the previous Messengers
1365|Ascribing sons and daughters to Allah
6157|Ask Allah for forgiveness
3517|Ask Allah to increase you in knowledge
3923|Ask yourself for what purpose were you created
2016|Asking for forgiveness
2138|Assumption and lies about Allah
802|Avoidance of major sins
1397|Avoidance of sin
1842|Basest of creatures before Allah
304|Be charitable to earn the love of Allah
6767|Be humble in your remembrance of Allah
4801|Be kind and grateful to your mother but do not follow your parents in disbelief
6990|Be sincere in your repentance to Allah
2354|Be straightforward and do not be insolent
1485|Be thankful
6805|Be thoughtful and giving
963|Belief and disbelief
6237|Belief and submission
1522|Believers and unbelievers
6986|Believers are to guard themselves against the Fire
4001|Believers hear and obey Allah and His Messenger
4614|Believers must be kind to their parents, but they must not obey their parents if they tell them to believe Allah has an associate
1052|Believers put their trust in Allah
1901|Believers should take rightly guided Islamic authorities as guides rather than family members who do not believe
7777|Believers who were persecuted because they said Allah is One and has neither a partner nor an associate
2916|Believers will be recompensed for their good deeds
4607|Believers will be tried
261|Beware, satan is the clear enemy of mankind
923|Blaming someone else for your sin
1844|Breaking of treaties and treachery
293|Bribery and cheating
728|Burnt offerings and the rebelliousness of the Jews
4852|Can a believer be compared to he who is wicked?
5190|Cattle are amongst the mercy and blessing Allah gave to us
2100|Challenge of Allah
50|Challenge of Allah
17|Characteristics of believers and their checklist
6315|Characteristics of the righteous
1967|Characteristics of the unbelievers and hypocrites together with their status with Allah
21|Characteristics of unbelievers
418|Charity given seeking the pleasure of Allah
6955|Charity is multiplied many times over by Allah
431|Charity is repaid by Allah
72|Check list
1964|Check list for Muslims and a check list for those who want to hold them in check
275|Check list for Muslims and those who want to check Muslims
484|Check list for Muslims and those who want to check Muslims
1764|Check list for Muslims and those who want to check Muslims
1448|Check list for Muslims and those who want to check Muslims, justice and fair trading
1377|Check list for Muslims and those who want to keep Muslims in check
6877|Check list for Muslims and those who want to keep Muslims in check
7180|Check list for Muslims and those who want to keep Muslims in check
7415|Check list for Muslims and those who want to keep Muslims in check
961|Checklist for Muslims, Muslims must be maintainers of justice and witnesses for Allah
387|Children of Israel break their word and refuse to fight in the way of Allah
1701|Children of Israel tested
389|Children of Israel's jealousy of Saul's kingship
1658|Children of Israel's miraculous crossing of the sea, children of Israel want to worship idols
1372|Clear proofs
328|Clear signs sent to the Children of Israel
67|Companions of the Fire
2567|Comparison between this life and the Everlasting Life
220|Concealing the testimony of Allah
271|Concealing the truth of Allah
249|Concealing the verses of Allah
5054|Conception, birth and death
4126|Concern for those who reject belief
1277|Condition of those who belie the Koran
510|Condition of unbelievers
1425|Confusion of the unbelievers
1514|Conservation, Allah does not love the wasteful
1569|Contempt of the unbelievers of Aad
1918|Corrupt rabbis and monks
69|Covenant with the Children of Israel
130|Covenant with the Children of Israel
585|Covenant with the prophets
945|Creed of Abraham
393|David and Goliath
5442|David, the excellent worshiper of Allah
2085|Day of Judgement, people of the Fire
191|Day of Recompense
4478|Deafness of ears and blindness of hearts
7802|Death is not the end, Allah is Able to resurrect us as easily as He created us. He only has to say Be and it is.
209|Death of Jacob, his reverence of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, his son's submission to Allah
5973|Death versus doubt
569|Deceit and hypocrisy
877|Deceit and hypocrisy
1882|Deception and hypocrisy, and those who repent and convert
24|Deception of hypocrites and their example
3744|Defending the right to believe in Allah when one is prevented
784|Delaying repentance until the time of death
2881|Denying the favors of Allah and greed
5763|Description of a believer
3860|Description of believers
5835|Description of believers
2621|Description of Hell
5270|Description of Hell
7847|Description of Hell
7855|Description of Paradise
1959|Description of the hypocrites
3573|Description of those who believe
3463|Despite the tyranny of Pharaoh, the sorcerers surrender to Allah
3889|Dialog with the unbelievers
2928|Disbelief after belief
2532|Disbelief in life after death
1261|Disbelief in the Everlasting Life
6939|Disbelief in the resurrection
6245|Disbelief in the resurrection and the events of the Day of Resurrection
611|Disbelief in the verses of Allah
1203|Disciples of Prophet Jesus bear witness to the Oneness of Allah
7707|Dishonest trading
61|Disobedience of satan, father of the jinn and his great sin of pride
5555|Disputes will be settled on the Day of Resurrection
4877|Divorce and adoption
6965|Divorce and kindness to a pregnant wife
371|Divorce in an unconsummated marriage
357|Divorce or reconciliation
4930|Divorce should be with kindness
360|Divorce with kindness
379|Divorce with kindness
6960|Divorce with kindness
6873|Do not abandon the guidance of Allah by seeking the guidance of the unbelievers. Seek the guidance of believing authorities
811|Do not associate anything with Allah, kindness, greed, ingratitude, boasting
1270|Do not be among the ignorant
7045|Do not be guided in religion by those who do not believe
8194|Do not envy
1506|Do not let satan tempt you
3945|Do not listen to or indulge in slander, repel it with truth
6818|Do not love those who oppose Allah and His Messenger
1193|Do not neglect your soul
7049|Do not obey unbelievers of low character on account of their social standing
898|Do not prejudge
969|Do not sit with those who disbelieve or mock the verses of Allah
1318|Do not sit with those who disbelieve or mock the verses of Allah
1604|Do you feel secure?
2170|Don't wait for the last minute to say you believe
807|Duties of men and women
1275|Each species is a nation
5341|Elias rebukes his people for their disbelief
168|Envy of many of the People of the Book
4017|Etiquette between the believer and the Prophet
4935|Etiquette of believers towards the Prophet and his family
4015|Etiquette of dinning
4010|Etiquette of privacy
6219|Etiquette with the Prophet
3625|Even though the unbelievers recognize the truth most will not admit it because of their position in society
688|Events at Uhud
3177|Events on the Day of Judgement
2852|Every created thing prostrates to Allah
3993|Every walking thing is created from water
6468|Everybody has their own account with Allah and no one bears the burden of another
2539|Everyone has attendant angels
5062|Everyone is in need of Allah and no one can bear another's load
7870|Everyone is responsible for his or her own self
3593|Everyone will be tried with good and evil
4680|Everyone will die and be returned to Allah
4020|Everything belongs to Allah
693|Everything is in the hands of Allah
1520|Everything is written
6545|Everything, great or small is recorded
1185|Evil and good
6063|Evil and good deeds
3964|Evil women and men, good women and men
7822|Exalt Allah and don't be blind to His signs that surround you
4721|Exalt Allah as often as you can
3537|Exalt Allah so that you will be pleasing to Him
1187|Excessive questioning
3010|Fair trading is an obligation upon Muslims
502|Faith first
5622|False arguments that refute the truth
1744|False gods
257|False gods and their followers
6844|Fear Allah and do good
1240|Fear the punishment
1921|Fighting in the Sacred Months
340|Fighting in the Sacred months is a grave offense
3012|Follow certainty
4873|Follow only that which is from Allah and put your trust in Him
1450|Follow the Straight Path
3956|Following satan leads to indecency and dishonor
268|Food forbidden to Muslims
1888|For many years Muslims were persecuted for their belief in the Oneness of Allah but they did not retaliate, why, because they obeyed Allah and His Prophet and waited for a verse to be sent down that permitted them to take up arms against their aggressors
1399|Forbidden food (including supermarket meat)
6900|From the illiterate Arabs Allah raised His Messenger as a guide
1035|Fulfill your obligations
151|Gabriel, the bearer of the Koran and Holy Books
3233|Gog and Magog are barricaded behind a barrier but will be let loose just before the end of the world
5756|Good and evil deeds
816|Good deeds
1173|Good deeds
3353|Good deeds are rewarded
984|Goodness and pardoning
5528|Goodness and patience
4812|Grasping the firmest handle
4693|Gratefulness and ingratitude to Allah for His favors
4826|Gratitude and ingratitude towards Allah
1247|Greatest testimony
7177|Greed, impatience, envy and righteousness
726|Greed, we are the custodians of the wealth of Allah
528|Guardianship of Mary
4769|Guidance and error
5543|Guidance and rejection
462|Guidance in the original Torah, Gospel and the unchanged Arabic Koran
1427|Hardship imposed upon the Jews because they lied about the provision of Allah
6992|Harshness on unbelievers in this life is to protect them from the everlasting punishment of Hell
3468|Hell and Paradise
2729|Hell has seven gates
574|Honesty and dishonesty, lying against Allah
5546|Honor and dishonor
1875|Honor treaties
912|Hope in Allah
4912|How to earn the forgiveness of Allah and earn a mighty wage
3254|How to meet Allah
8159|How to respond in the best manner to the unbelievers
7298|How will you guard yourself against the Day of Judgement?
1036|Hunting, forbidden and permitted meat
1928|Hypocrisy and reluctance to rightfully take up arms
971|Hypocrisy and the unbelievers
6194|Hypocrisy, those who say with the tongues what they do not mean in their hearts
317|Hypocrites and corrupters
1098|Hypocrites and the Jews who tamper with the Words of Allah
1832|Hypocrites and their death
1126|Hypocrites and unbelievers
3325|Idris was a prophet
3585|If anyone claims that they are God they will be recompensed with Hell
6039|If the Words of Allah and His signs are not believed, in what will people believe?
4814|If those you invite to Allah turn away do not let it grieve you
508|If you really love your Creator
643|In Allah put your trust
1518|Indecency, insolence and association
369|Indication of a proposal of marriage to women whose divorce has not yet reached its term
4743|Ingratitude for the Mercy of Allah
3078|Ingratitude of mankind
2936|Ingratitude to Allah
1045|Innermost thoughts
883|Intercession and greetings
491|Invitation to Jews, Nazarenes and Christians
557|Invitation to the Jews and Christians
3435|Invite people to Allah with gentle words
2955|Invite people to Islam with wisdom in the best manner
5328|Isaac and his descendants
3322|Ishmael was a messenger and a prophet
489|Islam and those who disbelieve the verses of Allah
5389|Islam is the completion of the three Holy Religions and was, unlike the previous two, sent as a mercy and guidance for all peoples of the earth
4739|Islam is the valuable religion
4666|Islam is to be preached in the best manner and not by terrorism
338|Islamic state defends an Islamic nation
5194|It is just as easy for Allah to resurrect us as it is for Him to create us, He only has to say Be and it is
2817|It is only Allah who creates, your God is One God
4757|It isn't mother nature, they are the signs and warnings of Allah for present and future generations
2396|Jacob disbelieves the lie of his sons
2498|Jacob smells Joseph's fragrance before his brothers arrive with his shirt
3852|Jesus and Mary are amongst the signs of Allah
6884|Jesus is rejected by the Children of Israel when he tells them that he has been sent to confirm the Torah and bring them news of Prophet Muhammad
1022|Jesus is the Messiah, the Prophet of Allah not His son
5932|Jesus orders his followers to worship Allah and tells them that this is the Straight Path
538|Jesus tells the Jews to fear and worship Allah, and to obey him, their prophet
5924|Jesus was a prophet sent to the Children of Israel
536|Jesus, a Messenger sent for the Children of Israel, the lost sheep of Israel and his miracles
1149|Jesus, the Messiah and his mother
8048|Jews, Nazarenes and Christians were ordered to worship Allah alone
2709|Jinn were created from smokeless fire
5359|Jonah and the whale
7090|Jonah and the whale
2416|Joseph and the banquet
2434|Joseph interprets the vision of the king
2425|Joseph interprets the visions of his fellow prisoners
2394|Joseph is consoled in the well
2400|Joseph is discovered in the well and sold
2447|Joseph is made guardian of the storehouses of Egypt by the king
2453|Joseph is not recognized by his brothers
2467|Joseph makes himself known to his brother
2407|Joseph refuses to be seduced by the governor's wife
2427|Joseph rejects those who do not believe in Allah and the Everlasting Life
2490|Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers
2507|Joseph supplicates to Allah to be permitted to die in submission (as a Muslim
2455|Joseph tells his brothers to bring Benjamin to him
2496|Joseph tells his brothers to return home and bring the rest of his family to Egypt
2384|Joseph's brothers become jealous and plot against him
2480|Joseph's brothers return to their father, Jacob
2460|Joseph's brothers tell their father of Joseph's request
2442|Joseph's name is cleared
2403|Joseph's new home in Egypt
2504|Joseph's vision is fulfilled as his family are established in Egypt
1110|Judgment is to be determined by Koran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad
6229|Justice is an important part of Islamic life
195|Ka'bah and the covenant with Prophets Abraham and Ishmael
415|Kind words and forgiveness
2992|Kindness and mercy towards parents, family and those in need are among the orders of Allah
6106|Kindness to one's parents
1433|Know your enemy
3081|Knowledge of the spirit
1454|Koran is mercy for all mankind
1753|Koran is not only a veritable proof but guidance and mercy
15|Koran verified by Allah
748|Labor in the Name of Allah
3363|Leave those who do not believe to Allah
699|Leniency of Prophet Muhammad
2067|Lies about Allah
1251|Lies about Allah
1354|Lies about Allah
832|Lies against Allah
6886|Lies against Allah
1508|Lies against Allah
3539|Life is a trial
551|Likeness of Prophet Jesus to Adam, challenge to the Christians
266|Likeness of the unbelievers
1755|Listen to the Koran in silence
7995|Long for Allah in humility
5599|Losers and winners
6072|Losers and winners
6941|Losers and winners
7075|Losers and winners
2175|Losers in the Everlasting Life
5567|Loss and gain
5352|Lot and his family are saved when his nation are destroyed
4449|Lot and the punishment of his indecent nation
4638|Lot believed Abraham
4318|Lot is saved from his nation
2754|Lot is told to depart during the night from the evil doing city
2757|Lot pleads with his people not to shame him
4642|Lot rebukes and warns his nation for their acts of sodomy
4313|Lot warns his homosexual nation
6832|Loving your brother and sister in Islam for the Sake of Allah
280|Make a will for family before death arrives
2707|Mankind are not descended from monkeys
291|Marital relationship during Ramadan
4915|Marriage to a foster child's former spouse is permissible
794|Marry believing women
951|Martial problems and divorce
3664|Mary and Jesus are among the great signs of Allah
518|Mary and Prophet Zachariah
3288|Mary presents her son to her people
1242|Mercy of Allah
6936|Messengers of Allah were disbelieved because they were human
903|Migrate from oppression
1201|Miracles given to Prophet Jesus
534|Mission of Prophet Jesus, who was given his own Gospel
1012|Mission of the Messengers
6232|Mockery, fault finding, abusive name calling, suspicion, spying and backbiting
3970|Modesty between women and men
4513|Moses accidentally kills a man
3432|Moses and Aaron go to Pharoah with the warning signs of Allah
5331|Moses and Aaron were guided upon the Straight Path
5984|Moses and Pharaoh
4184|Moses and the Children of Israel leave Egypt by night
98|Moses and the miracle of the twelve springs of water
4193|Moses and the miraculous dividing of the sea
4525|Moses arrives in Midian and lives with Shu'aib
4516|Moses asks Allah to forgive him for the accidental killing of a man
6882|Moses asks the Children of Israel why they harm him
3430|Moses becomes a prophet
4395|Moses becomes a prophet and the arrogance of Pharaoh
4532|Moses in the sacred valley
1452|Moses is given the Torah
4505|Moses is restored to his mother after being cast into the water
3472|Moses leads the Children of Israel out of Egypt
4523|Moses leaves Egypt for Midian
4141|Moses meeting with Pharaoh and his request to let the Children of Israel leave Egypt
3495|Moses questions the Samaritan
2604|Moses reminds his nation to be thankful to Allah
2167|Moses supplicates against Pharaoh
4535|Moses takes Pharaoh the clear signs of Allah
2162|Moses tells his nation to put their trust in Allah
1643|Moses tells his nation to seek help from Allah and to be patient
4148|Moses tells Pharaoh that Allah has made him His Messenger
7262|Mosques belong to Allah alone and none will protect us from Allah except Him
4550|Most Jews rejected Prophet Muhammad in the same way they rejected their own prophets
2225|Most people disbelieve
2510|Most people do not believe in Allah, but associate others with Him
385|Multiplication of a loan lent to Allah
6868|Muslim women and non-Muslim women
894|Muslims are forbidden to kill one another
3008|Muslims are ordered to treat orphans well
6053|Muslims are to be tolerant and leave the outcome to Allah
589|Muslims believe in Allah and all His prophets
1378|Muslims must not use crude words to people of other faiths
1905|Muslims should rely on Allah rather than themselves
1464|My life and death, all are for Allah
5419|Nations that belied their prophets
2361|Neglecting Allah
4617|No hidden thought remains unknown by Allah
5522|No one can bear another's burden for him
4620|No one can bear the burden of another's sin
3151|No one can change the Words of Allah
4753|No one except Allah can cause you to die and then revive you
4836|No one except Allah sent down the Koran
2934|No one will be wronged on the Day of Judgement
3608|No one will be wronged on the Day of Resurrection
2587|No prophet or messenger could bring a sign or a miracle unless it was by the permission of Allah
1090|No ransom will be accepted on the Day of Resurrection
2982|No soul bears the burden of another
1467|No soul shall bear the burden of another
2264|Noah and his nation are blessed and given peace
4623|Noah and the flood
4257|Noah asks Allah to save him and the believers from his nation
2250|Noah builds and sails in the Ark
7208|Noah calls his nation to Allah and reminds them of His signs but they reject him and his message
2240|Noah debates his nation
7238|Noah supplicates for his followers
7230|Noah supplicates to Allah against his nation as they choose to follow the disbelief of the wealthy status quo rather than the truth Allah
2259|Noah's Ark berths on Mount Al Judi
4070|Noah's people were drowned because they belied him
2256|Noah's unbelieving son
1268|None can change the Words of the Koran
2193|None can help you except Allah
2578|None shall defend the unbelievers from Allah
465|Nothing is hidden from Allah
354|Oath taking
1166|Oath taking
875|Obedience to Prophet Muhammad is obedience to Allah
6225|Obedience to the Messenger of Allah and the importance of examining the source of your information
854|Obey Allah and His Messenger
1828|Obey Allah and His Messenger
847|Obey Allah and His Messenger and seek the guidance of Islamic authorities
1047|Obligation of believers to be just
4630|Observe the continuous stages of creation of Allah around you
4829|On the Day of Judgement we stand alone before Allah
4846|On the Day of Judgement, when it is too late, the unbelievers who disbelieved in their resurrection will change their minds and ask to be returned to do righteous deeds. On that Day all will be the worshipers of Allah but for many it will be too late
1893|Only believers should enter the mosques of Allah
5041|Open your mind to the mercy and blessings of Allah
3792|Orders of Allah to Muslims
5571|Our life span is already determined
4969|Ownership of all that is in the heavens and earth
947|Ownership of Allah
1215|Ownership of Allah
1096|Ownership of Allah
5553|Parable of equality
239|Patience and prayer
76|Patience and prayer
2957|Patience is best
3153|Patience with the worshippers of Allah
1041|Permissible food (supermarket meat is not permissible because it is not slaughtered in the Name of the Creator), permissible wives (Muslims, Jews and Nazarenes)
1394|Permitted food
579|Perverting the truth in the Holy Books
1620|Pharaoh accuses Moses of sorcery
4199|Pharaoh and his hosts are drowned
4543|Pharaoh arrogantly proclaims he is god
3441|Pharaoh asks Moses and Aaron who their Lord is
1653|Pharaoh breaks his promise and is drowned
6542|Pharaoh is punished on account of his disbelief
5912|Pharaoh laughed at the signs of Allah and belied Moses and Aaron
2156|Pharaoh orders the most skilful sorcerers of Egypt to compete against Moses
4501|Pharaoh persecutes the Children of Israel
4157|Pharaoh thinks himself a god
4067|Pharaoh was destroyed because he belied the signs of Allah
2333|Pharaoh will lead his nation into Hell for their disbelief
4160|Pharaoh's reception of the miraculous signs given to Moses
1633|Pharaoh's sorcerers become believers
1177|Pilgrimage and hunting
247|Pilgrimage to the House of Allah
1647|Plagues afflict Pharaoh and his people
3146|Plan in the Name of Allah by saying InshaAllah, Allah willing
4379|Poetry other than that in praise of Allah and His Prophet
1244|Power of Allah
6082|Praise and pride belong to Allah
170|Prayers and obligatory charity are on the check list for Muslims
2029|Preaching Islam
1361|Pregnancy and its stages
467|Pregnancy, the hidden creation
7564|Pride and arrogance led Pharaoh to disbelief
6111|Pride and debauchery
6970|Pride is a great sin, it was also the sin that barred satan from Paradise
3014|Pride is hated by Allah
5682|Pride prompts mankind to dispute the verses of Allah and prevents them from supplicating to Allah
3046|Pride the great sin of satan, the avowed enemy of mankind
3846|Pride, the common factor between satan and Pharaoh
45|Promise of Paradise
577|Promises and oaths
1205|Prophet Jesus and the sign of the miraculous feast
1144|Prophet Jesus orders his followers to worship Allah alone
1105|Prophet Jesus was given his own Holy Book, the Gospel, however, it is remarkable that his Gospel does not appear in the book of the Christians that concentrate on the preaching of Paul
999|Prophet Jesus was not crucified
1024|Prophet Jesus, the Messiah is the worshiper of Allah
2180|Prophet Jonah
2380|Prophet Joseph
1583|Prophet Lot, sodomy
1690|Prophet Moses and the miraculous twelve springs
1625|Prophet Moses and the sorcerers
1669|Prophet Moses is given the Tablets
1664|Prophet Moses leaves his brother, Prophet Aaron, in charge of the Children of Israel for his appointment with Allah
6296|Prophet Muhammad
1293|Prophet Muhammad and the Revelation
2517|Prophet Muhammad calls to Allah with sure knowledge
2064|Prophet Muhammad followed only what was sent down to him
5506|Prophet Muhammad fulfills the prophesy of Jesus who prophesied that Allah would send someone who did not speak from himself but only with the Words of Allah
675|Prophet Muhammad is a mortal
6190|Prophet Muhammad is a witness, and a bearer of glad tidings and warning
6095|Prophet Muhammad is accused of forging the Koran, yet Allah Himself bears witness that the Koran is from Him alone
1136|Prophet Muhammad is given the order to preach
4491|Prophet Muhammad is ordered to worship Allah alone, Allah made Arabia a sacred county
5731|Prophet Muhammad is told to remind people of the devastation that overtook former generations because of their disbelief in the message given to their prophet
5796|Prophet Muhammad starts his preaching in Mecca
2598|Prophet Muhammad was given the Koran to bring mankind from darkness to light
1684|Prophet Muhammad was mentioned in the original Torah and the Gospel of Jesus
4096|Prophet Muhammad was sent as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner for all mankind
2783|Prophet Muhammad was sent as a warner to mankind
7295|Prophet Muhammad was sent as a witness
3756|Prophet Muhammad was sent to warn and give good news
5072|Prophet Muhammad was sent with the truth
818|Prophet Muhammad will be a witness against the unbelievers
7542|Prophet Muhammad will be given permission to intercede for his followers
6973|Prophet Muhammad, a mercy for all the world
1732|Prophet Muhammad, a warner and bearer of glad tidings
6059|Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet of Allah, was given the Law of Allah
6432|Prophet Muhammad's ascent to the highest horizon
229|Prophet Muhammad's description in the original Torah
2316|Prophet Shu'aib and the nation of Midian
1589|Prophet Shu'aib, fair trading
1008|Prophets and Messengers
512|Prophets from the same lineage
3748|Prophets Muhammad, Noah, Salih, Hood, Abraham, Lot, Moses and the people of Midian were belied
6891|Protection from Hell
3937|Protection of innocent women
377|Provisions for widows
1749|Provocation of satan
1093|Punishment as a deterrent
840|Punishment for disbelief
1258|Punishment for those who belie the verses of Allah
686|Punishment of the unbelievers
1043|Purification before prayer
2574|Put your trust in Allah
2615|Put your trust in Allah
6949|Put your trust in Allah
4106|Qualities found in a believer
1199|Questioning of the Messengers of Allah
566|Questioning of the People of the Book, Torah and Bible
160|Ra'ina and Undhurna
204|Rank of Abraham
900|Ranks in this life and the next
397|Ranks of prophets and messengers
809|Reconciliation between husband and wife
7894|Regret on the Day of Judgement
2270|Rejection of Aad and Hood's reply to their disbelief
1225|Rejection of the truth
4727|Relationship between husband and wives
4013|Relaxed dress code for older women
237|Remember Allah and give thanks to Him
4920|Remember Allah by exalting Him in abundance (Zikr)
6288|Remember Allah by making Zikr
7285|Remember Allah in your daily affairs and with patience leave those who do not believe to Him
1757|Remembrance and worship of Allah
941|Repayment for evil
663|Repentance and forgiveness
2369|Reply to the unbelievers
162|Resentment towards the believers
1026|Reward and punishment
843|Reward for belief
943|Reward of believing good doers
939|Reward of the believing good doers
677|Reward of this life and the Everlasting Life
959|Reward of this life and the Everlasting Life
6150|Rewards of Paradise and Hell
632|Righteous Christians
949|Rights of women and children
2286|Salih challenges his nation
4301|Salih is given the she-camel of Allah as a sign, and with it he tells his nation to fear Allah and not to harm her
4296|Salih warns his nation not to obey the wasteful or the corrupt
2284|Salih's nation disbelieve, preferring baseless traditions to the message and warnings sent to them from Allah via His prophet
2631|satan abandons his followers
719|satan frightens those whom he sponsors
323|satan is the clear enemy of mankind
5929|satan is the clear enemy of mankind
3181|satan is the father of jinn and not an angel, and he and his descendants are the clear enemy of mankind
4654|satan made the works of Aad and Thamood seem fair to them
5595|satan was cast from Paradise, never to return, because of his sin of pride but most of humanity never paid attention to this lesson and are too proud to worship Allah
5490|satan's pride banishes him from Paradise and he becomes the sworn enemy of mankind
212|Sayings of the Jews, Nazarenes and Christians
6802|Secret, malicious talk is from satan||10
2356|Seek only the guidance of believing authorities
2585|Seek only the guidance of believing authorities
4090|Seek only the guidance of believing authorities
975|Seek only the guidance of believing authorities
1113|Seek only the guidance of the believing authorities
2918|Seek refuge in Allah from satan
8189|Seek refuge with Allah from evil
8198|Seek refuge with Allah from the whisperings of satan
5759|Seek refuge with Allah when you are provoked by satan
3242|Seek the guidance of believing authorities
683|Seek the guidance of knowledgeable Islamic authorities
1387|Seeking judges other than Allah
927|Seeking the pleasure of Allah
4421|Sheba receives Solomon's letter and sends him gifts
908|Shortening of prayer on a journey, its appointed time, prayer during times of hostility
444|Showing mercy to the debtor
2330|Shu'aib and the believers find mercy with Allah as the unbelievers are punished
2318|Shu'aib tells his nation to trade fairly and not to corrupt
2324|Shu'aib warns his nation and reminds them of the demise of their ancestors
4332|Shu'aib warns his people to trade with fairness
2321|Shu'aib's nation disbelieve, preferring baseless traditions to the message and warnings sent them via His prophet
408|Sign for people, Allah only has to say Be and it becomes
3043|Signs and trials
255|Signs for people who understand
3587|Signs of Allah in the heavens and earth
6251|Signs of Allah in the heavens and the earth
183|Similar saying of each generation
5862|Since the beginning of creation, Allah in His Mercy, kept sending His prophets to guide mankind, however most people rejected His messengers and paid no heed to His signs. It was because of their disbelief that many cities were destroyed and remain in ru
979|Sincere repentance
5512|Sincerity and error
217|Sincerity to Allah
782|Sins of ignorance
4943|Slander and major sins
1308|Sleep, death, and the guardian angels
4407|Solomon hears the warning of the ant
4431|Solomon's meeting with Sheba and her conversion
6896|Some of the Children of Israel believed Jesus but others disbelieved
5228|Sorrow and anguish on the Day of Recompense
4054|Sorrow and regret on the Day of Judgement
1848|Spending in the Name of Allah
1762|Spoils of war
6050|Stop and think
5440|Stop for a minute and think
2367|Stories of the prophets and messengers strengthen and remind the believing heart
56|Story of Prophet Adam
2306|Story of Prophet Lot his rejection of homosexuals
6184|Strength of belief
679|Strength of faith
0|Subjects by Anne Khadiejah of Muhammad.com
1323|Submission to Allah
799|Suicide is forbidden
164|Superseded verses
1550|Supplicate to Allah
455|Supplication for forgiveness and mercy
197|Supplication of Abraham
8|Supplication of believers
3900|Supplication of the believers
1640|Supplication of the believing sorcerers
1512|Supporters of satan
880|Surrender all matters of religious significance to pious, knowledgeable Islamic authorities who base their judgment upon the Koran and Hadith, do not be tempted to be led by your own less qualified opinion
2909|Swearing in the Name of Allah
4789|Sweet talk in order to lead people away from Allah
737|Tampering with the Book of Allah
7981|Tell of the favors of Allah
7017|The Ability and Mercy of Allah
3056|The Ability of Allah
3337|The angel Gabriel only descends by the command of Allah
5039|The angels
1774|The angels at Badr
7273|The angels bear witness that Prophet Muhammad delivered the Message of Allah
5791|The angels exalt Allah and ask Him for our forgiveness
54|The angels learn that Allah is going to place a caliph on earth
5626|The angels supplicate to Allah for the forgiveness His worshipers
6330|The angels tell Abraham and Sarah that they are to have a son
6334|The angels tell Abraham that they have been sent to destroy the nation of Lot
2296|The angels tell Abraham they are on the way to punish the nation of Lot
2311|The angels tell Lot they are Messengers sent from Allah and that His punishment is about to fall upon his nation for their depravity
2298|The angels tell Sarah she is to have a son called Isaac
5551|The Arabic Koran is protected by Allah
5008|The arguing between the unbelievers on the Day of Judgement
1337|The argument of Abraham with his nation
3552|The argument of the unbelievers and their disregard for the signs of Allah
7160|The ascent of the angels
4029|The assertion of the unbelievers and the rebuttal of Allah
3360|The associates will renounce their followers
3292|The baby Jesus speaks to his family
5115|The barrier of no return
132|The behavior of Children of Israel
1986|The believers who were unable to take part at the encounter of Tabuk
7254|The believing and unbelieving jinn
6996|The believing wife of Pharaoh
7218|The benefits asking for the forgiveness of your Lord
8055|The best
3282|The birth of Prophet Jesus
2801|The blessings and mercy of Allah
6056|The blessings and mercy of Allah to the Children of Israel for their belief in one God and those amongst them debated about the Truth of Allah
2645|The blessings and signs of Allah
5524|The blessings of Allah and the forgetfulness of the human
4749|The blessings of charity
4978|The blindness of the unbelievers to the power and might of Allah, the denial of the fact that it is just as easy for Allah to create us as it is for Him to resurrect us with His command Be and it becomes
5219|The blindness of the unbelievers to the power and might of Allah, the denial of the fact that it is just as easy for Allah to create us as it is for Him to resurrect us with His command Be and it becomes
6824|The breaking of the treaty.
3561|The challenge and questioning of Allah
172|The challenge of Allah to the Jews and Nazarenes
2219|The challenge of Allah to those who claim Prophet Muhammad wrote the Koran
4455|The challenge of Allah to those who doubt
1286|The challenge to those who reject their Creator
82|The Children of Israel and Pharaoh
1706|The Children of Israel and the mountain
100|The Children of Israel become ungrateful to Allah
1141|The Children of Israel break the covenant belying and killing their prophets
1054|The Children of Israel break their covenant
993|The Children of Israel break their covenant with Allah
6000|The Children of Israel disbelieved after being saved
1070|The Children of Israel disobey Moses and Aaron and are condemned to wander in the desert for forty years
4958|The Children of Israel falsely accuse Moses of having a deformity so Allah cleared him of their accusation
139|The Children of Israel recognize Prophet Muhammad from his description in their Holy Book but disbelieve him because although he is a descendant of Prophet Abraham, he is not a Jew
3489|The Children of Israel reject Aaron's attempts to stop them worshiping the golden calf
4348|The Children of Israel reject Prophet Muhammad although he was mentioned in their scriptures
1662|The Children of Israel saved from Pharaoh
142|The Children of Israel say they believe in the Book Moses brought them but disbelieve in the Koran that confirms it, but if they had really believed in their Holy Book they would not have killed some of their prophets
95|The Children of Israel tamper with the Words of Allah
90|The Children of Israel were struck by a thunderbolt for their disbelief
4862|The Children of Israel who were guided and those who were not
1674|The Children of Israel worship the golden calf
1064|The claim of the Jews, Nazarenes and Christians
2069|The claim of the unbelievers
2212|The claims, insolence and ingratitude of the unbelievers
5645|The clear signs given to the Messengers of Allah
5077|The colorful signs of Allah in humans, animals and nature
4678|The command to worship Allah
2203|The command to worship Allah alone
2582|The command to worship Allah alone
1010|The Communication between Allah and Moses
5900|The companion of satan
2080|The comparison of this life
3276|The conception of Prophet Jesus
2389|The concern of Jacob for Joseph
2121|The condition of the unbelievers on the Day of Judgement
2555|The condition of those who answer their Lord and those who turn away
599|The condition of those who die in disbelief
1442|The consequences of conjecture
1807|The contempt of the unbelievers
1593|The contempt of the unbelievers of Midian
991|The contempt of unbelieving Children of Israel for Moses
5261|The conversation between the people of Paradise and the people of Hell
4251|The council of Noah's nation belittle Noah and his followers
1057|The covenant with the Nazarenes
7577|The creation
1219|The creation of Allah
3568|The creation of Allah has a purpose
760|The creation of mankind
1221|The creation of mankind
5726|The creation of the earth and the heavens
1548|The creation of the heavens and earth was not a fluke
4839|The creation of the universe and the human together with the direction of affairs
2046|The Creator and His creation
4795|The Creator and His creation
625|The Creator of everything
1870|The Creator's response to the idolaters when they ask for it (punishment)
606|The creed of Abraham
1462|The Creed of Abraham
5090|The cry of the people of the Fire
7748|The Day believers are given their book of deeds and meet Allah
6011|The Day of Decision
2110|The Day of Judgement
446|The Day of Judgement
621|The Day of Judgement
4715|The Day of Judgement
6291|The Day of Judgement
1411|The Day of Judgement
1480|The Day of Judgement
2662|The Day of Judgement and the plight of the unbelievers
506|The Day of Judgement and the worshipers of Allah
7008|The Day of Judgement and those who disbelieve in Allah
6300|The Day of Judgement, Allah swears that His promise is true
1536|The Day of Judgement, question the people of Paradise ask the people of the Fire
7518|The Day of Judgement, the punishment of Hell and the rewards of Paradise
5630|The Day of no return
7165|The Day of Recompense
3502|The Day of Resurrection
4485|The Day of Resurrection
733|The Day of Resurrection
4773|The Day of Resurrection
5580|The Day of Resurrection
5605|The Day of Resurrection
1516|The Day of Resurrection
7758|The Day the unbelievers are given their book of deeds
4044|The day when false deities and associates reject their followers
2087|The day when false gods forsake their worshipers
1527|The day when the unbelievers ask Allah to double the punishment of their leaders
5032|The Day when the unbelievers declare they believe
5060|The Day when those associated with Allah will disown their followers
4574|The Day when those who were associated with Allah reject their followers
8099|The Day you will be questioned
4988|The death of Solomon
6264|The death of the unbelievers. Their resurrection on the Day of Judgement and their condition
639|The deceit and hypocrisy those who secretly opposed the Prophet in Madinah
121|The deceit of the Jews of Madinah and those who tampered with the previous Holy Books of Allah
2071|The decree of Allah
2841|The decree of Allah
4390|The deeds of the unbeliever
1896|The deeds of the unbelievers are not equal to those who believe
1401|The delusion of the unbelievers
3382|The demise of disbelieving generations
4821|The denial of the fact that it is just as easy for Allah to create us as it is for Him to resurrect us with His command Be and it becomes
6068|The denial of the fact that it is just as easy for Allah to create us as it is for Him to resurrect us with His command Be and it becomes
3797|The description of believers
2557|The description of believers and their reward in Paradise
6215|The description of Muslims was written in the Torah and the lost Gospel given to Jesus
6346|The destruction of Aad
6114|The destruction of Aad was not an act of mother nature it was a sign with which we might learn a lesson
6258|The destruction of nations were signs of Allah not acts of Mother Nature
1656|The destruction of Pharaoh's kingdom
6349|The destruction of Thamood
4990|The destruction of the gardens of the unbelieving inhabitants of Sheba
7879|The devastation that befell Aad, Iram, Thamood and Pharaoh were not acts of Mother Nature, each were punished by Allah for their disbelief. Mother Nature is an invented name by those who disbelieve the warnings of Allah.||14
3996|The difference between the hypocrites and those who believe
6792|The dignity and honor of women
4589|The disbelief of Korah
3104|The disbelief of Pharaoh
3480|The disbelief of the Children of Israel
144|The disbelief of the Children of Israel and the calf
995|The disbelief of the Children of Israel, their killing of some of their prophets and their slander of the Virgin Mary
4556|The disbelief of the Jews is challenged
85|The disbelieving Children of Israel and their worship of the golden calf
3831|The disbelieving generations after Noah
541|The disciples of Prophet Jesus
6980|The disclosure of a confidence
1692|The disobedience of the Children of Israel
175|The dispute between the Jews and Nazarenes
5472|The disputing of the people of Hell||64
1031|The distribution of Inheritance
770|The distribution of inheritance
1950|The distribution of the obligatory charity due at the end of Ramadan
2763|The dreadful punishment that came upon Lot's nation
5993|The drowning of Pharaoh and his army
2889|The duration of the Final Hour
2590|The duty of prophets and messengers
2058|The earnest supplication of the unbeliever and his ingratitude
8060|The earthquake on the Day of Resurrection
5894|The elders of the Koraysh tribe enviously resent that Prophet Muhammad, an orphan, was blessed to be chosen as the Messenger of Allah
646|The encounter at Badr
478|The encounter at Badr
1823|The encounter at Badr
1771|The encounter at Badr
709|The encounter at Uhud
3693|The end of the world
7447|The end of the world
7649|The end of the world
7683|The end of the world
1384|The enemies of the prophets
480|The enjoyment of this worldly life
4810|The error of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warnings sent by Allah
5139|The eternal reward of the sincere man
6643|The events on the Day of Resurrection
7113|The events on the day the Horn is blown and Paradise and Hell
311|The Everlasting Life
7840|The Everlasting Life is better than the present
2056|The exaltation of the people of Paradise and its response
412|The example of those who give in charity and its reward
2965|The excessive corruption of the Children of Israel
5990|The exodus
496|The false claim of the Jews
1912|The false claims and desires of Jews and Christians
284|The fast of Ramadan is an obligation for Muslims
287|The fasting month of Ramadan in which Allah sent the Koran to guide all people of the world
189|The favor of Allah
1838|The favor of Allah
3425|The favor of Allah to Moses when he was a baby
1068|The favors of Allah to the Children of Israel
1720|The finest Names of Allah
608|The first House of Worship on earth and obligation of pilgrimage
8017|The first verses Angel Gabriel taught Prophet Muhammad
6015|The food and drink of Hell
603|The food of the Children of Israel
2944|The forbidden food of the Jews
2940|The forbidden food of the Muslims
695|The forgiveness and mercy of Allah
1803|The forgiveness of Allah
2019|The fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy that the covenant would be taken away from the Jews if they did not follow the guidance he had been given
4065|The furthest away from the Path
4204|The futility of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warning sent by Allah to Abraham
2349|The futility of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warning sent by Allah via His prophets
264|The futility of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warning sent by Allah via His prophets
5883|The futility of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warning sent by Allah via His prophets
1191|The futility of following baseless traditions rather than the message and warning sent by Allah via His prophets
5447|The gift of Allah to Solomon
2222|The good deeds of the unbelievers are repaid in this life
2413|The governor believes that Joseph is innocent
2227|The greatest losers in the Everlasting Life
4024|The Greatness of Allah yet His Message and Messenger are rejected by the unbelievers
401|The greatness of Allah, the greatest verse in the Koran
3102|The greed of mankind
2485|The grief of Jacob
2195|The guided and the astray
1716|The guided and the lost
1688|The guided Children of Israel
1330|The guiding of Abraham
6235|The hand of friendship
1003|The harm of the Jews
2569|The hearts of believers are satisfied when they remember Allah
1380|The hearts of eyes of those who do not believe are blind to the signs of Allah
5437|The heavens and earth were not created by chance
4735|The Highest Example of Allah and our own example
2098|The Holy Koran is sent by the Lord of all the worlds
2125|The Holy Koran, a warning, blessing and mercy from Allah
3727|The Holy Mosque
2922|The Holy Spirit brought the Koran down from Allah to Prophet Muhammad
3979|The homes in which Allah is loved
4411|The hoopoe brings Solomon news about Sheba
2082|The House of Peace
1942|The hypocrisy revealed
6152|The hypocrites
6835|The hypocrites of Madinah
1990|The hypocrites of Tabuk
1976|The hypocrites that remained behind at the encounter of Tabuk
977|The hypocrites will be in the lowest place of the Fire
1704|The importance of prayer
4386|The importance of prayer and charity
3069|The importance of prayer and its reward
2358|The importance of prayer and patience
4664|The importance of prayer and the greatness of the remembrance of Allah
6911|The importance of the Friday prayer
2423|The imprisonment of Joseph
3086|The inability of mankind and jinn combined to produce an Arabic Koran
5583|The ingratitude of mankind
5780|The ingratitude of mankind
2859|The ingratitude of the unbeliever
7620|The ingratitude of the unbeliever
1734|The ingratitude of the unbelievers and the challenge of Allah
1533|The inhabitants of Paradise
1530|The inhabitants of the Fire
5937|The inheritors of Paradise and the inheritors of Hell
1995|The innermost thoughts of some Arab hypocrites towards the Prophet
5163|The insolence and ingratitude of those who do not give charity from that which Allah gave them and their disbelief in the Day of Judgement
6453|The intercession of the angels
1249|The Jews and Nazarenes recognized Prophet Muhammad by his description in the Torah and Gospel but most chose to reject him
2351|The Jews doubt the Book given to Moses
3543|The Jews rejected the signs of their prophets in the preceding Scrolls yet now they ask Prophet Muhammad for a sign
823|The Jews tampered with the Words of Allah
834|The Jews tell the Koraysh that their idol worshiping is better than Islam
128|The Jews who followed Prophets Moses and Jesus
1059|The Jews, Nazarenes and Christians who knew the truth written in their Books but hid it
7250|The jinn would make their way to the heavens in an effort to try and listen to the heavenly decree for humanity then return to earth where some would make mischief with any news they might have learned by fortune telling
504|The knowledge and power of Allah
1223|The knowledge of Allah
1305|The knowledge of Allah
4971|The knowledge, mercy and forgiveness of Allah
3380|The Koran and its message
3088|The Koran contains many parables of guidance
5718|The Koran gives good news and warns
2973|The Koran guides to the straightest way
5483|The Koran is a mighty message
7435|The Koran is a reminder
7676|The Koran is a reminder from Allah to all nations
7613|The Koran is a reminder sent for all peoples of the world
6033|The Koran is easy to recite and remember
5187|The Koran is not Arabic poetry, it is a Remembrance and a clear Holy Reading sent by Allah
4472|The Koran relates many of the things the Children of Israel are at variance
3124|The Koran warns those who say that He has taken a son that their saying is a lie against Allah
4393|The Koran was sent by Allah
3076|The Koran was sent down as a healing and a mercy
4062|The Koran was sent down piecemeal to strengthen the heart
2872|The Koran was sent to clarify and as guidance and mercy
3977|The Lighter of the heavens and the earth
4659|The likeness of those who associate others with Allah
6905|The likeness of those who knew the Torah given to Moses but concealed its truth and prophecy
5844|The losers and the winners
5093|The losers in the Everlasting Life
7196|The losers in this life and on they Day of Judgement
660|The love and forgiveness of Allah
8071|The love of wealth and greed
295|The lunar year
3252|The magnitude of the Words of Allah
1747|The median way, justice and ignorance
920|The merciful forgiveness of Allah
5821|The mercy and blessings of Allah
3083|The Mercy and Favor of Allah
2946|The mercy and forgiveness of Allah
1418|The mercy and power of Allah
2075|The mercy of Allah
342|The Mercy of Allah
4114|The mercy of Allah
4784|The Mercy of Allah
6787|The mercy of Allah
1440|The mercy of Allah
1289|The mercy of Allah
1299|The mercy of Allah
1552|The mercy of Allah
6561|The Mercy of Allah and His signs
3053|The Mercy of Allah and the ingratitude of humans
5104|The mercy of Allah to all
5455|The mercy of Allah to Job when satan afflicted him with harm and pain
3640|The Mercy of Allah to Lot
3643|The Mercy of Allah to Noah
7110|The Mercy of Allah to Noah
1572|The mercy of Allah to Prophet Hood and his followers
3652|The Mercy of Allah to Prophet Job
3658|The mercy of Allah to Prophet Jonah
3655|The mercy of Allah to Prophets Ishmael, Idris and Thul-Kifl
3476|The Mercy of Allah to the Children of Israel
1312|The mercy of Allah to the unbelievers during times of catastrophe and their ingratitude
3661|The Mercy of Allah to Zachariah
93|The Mercy of Allah towards the Children of Israel in His sending down manna and quails
1431|The mercy of Allah, do not be wasteful
3063|The Mercy of Allah, there is no change in the way of Allah
7278|The merit of getting up to pray during the night
3789|The Messengers of Allah
2113|The messengers of Allah and their doubting nations
453|The messengers of Allah are equal in messengerhood
5126|The messengers of Allah are rejected because they are humans
6781|The Messengers of Allah were sent with proofs, Holy Books, and jurisprudence
5098|The Might and Power of Allah
6147|The might of Allah, not mother nature
6849|The might of the message of the Koran
1864|The migrants from Mecca and their supporters in Madinah
1998|The migrants, supporters and the believing tribes of Juhaina and Muszaina
3809|The miracle of conception and birth details of which were unknown to man at the time of the revelation of the Koran
5520|The miracle of conception unknown to physicians at the time of the revelation of the Koran
4092|The miracle of osmosis unknown at the time of the revelation of the Koran
3698|The miracle of the unknown stages of conception and birth at the time of the revelation of the Koran
4982|The miracles given to David
4985|The miracles given to Solomon
530|The miraculous conception of the Messiah, Prophet Jesus
4702|The miraculous news that the Persians will face defeat after victory
5056|The miraculous signs of water and their produce
332|The mission of all the prophets
581|The mission of all the prophets
2044|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
2896|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
185|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
235|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
706|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
4925|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
1066|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
1171|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
1183|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
6947|The mission of Prophet Muhammad
3190|The mission of the Messengers
6851|The most beautiful Names of Allah
6783|The nations of Noah and Abraham
1158|The Nazarenes are the nearest in affection to Muslims
1793|The nearness of Allah
8040|The Night of Honor which occurs during the last nights of Ramadan
6388|The oath of Allah concerning the reality of Paradise
6371|The oath of Allah concerning the reality of the Fire
2187|The obligation of Allah to His Messengers and believers
8168|The Opening of Mecca
6797|The opponents of Allah and His Messenger
1446|The order of Allah
1020|The order of Allah to all people
1686|The order to believe in the Oneness of Allah and His last prophet, Muhammad
1238|The Originator of the heavens and earth
5976|The outcome of rejecting Prophet Muhammad
7099|The outcome of the nations that belied their Messengers
1235|The ownership of Allah
5851|The ownership of the heavens and earth
6446|The pagan gods of Arabia
3174|The parable about this present life
3786|The parable of a fly
2635|The parable of a good deed and a corrupt word
5123|The parable of the Messengers of Allah sent to a village
7057|The parable of the orchard and its arrogant, greedy owner
2886|The parable of the servant and his master
3160|The parable of the two gardens
2553|The parables of Allah
3332|The peace of Paradise
4271|The people of Aad abuse the blessings of Allah and become tyrants
1578|The people of Aad had no love for sincere advisors who tried to lead them to Allah
3155|The people of Hell
3341|The people of Hell
3719|The people of Hell
3868|The people of Hell
4232|The people of Hell
4951|The people of Hell
5746|The people of Hell
7901|The people of Hell
3673|The people of Hell and the people of Paradise
4651|The people of Midian are seized by an earthquake on account of their disbelief and corruption
2233|The people of Paradise
2633|The people of Paradise
2731|The people of Paradise
3157|The people of Paradise
3710|The people of Paradise
3724|The people of Paradise
4792|The people of Paradise
5085|The people of Paradise
5465|The people of Paradise
5751|The people of Paradise
6279|The people of Paradise
6145|The people of Paradise and Hell
3098|The people of Paradise and the people of Hell
2052|The people of Paradise and the people of the Fire
4857|The people of Paradise and the people of the Fire
636|The people of the Fire
721|The people of the Fire
1543|The people of the Fire
1813|The people of the Fire
1805|The plot against Prophet Muhammad
544|The plot to kill Prophet Jesus, the Messiah
433|The poor who are to humble to ask for charity
499|The power and signs of Allah
2626|The Power of Allah
2677|The power of Allah
4568|The Power of Allah against those who disbelieve
2547|The prayers of the unbelievers go astray
3017|The price for associating another with Allah
6762|The price that is paid for being tempted by the delusion of satan
2715|The pride of satan and the declaration of his intention to mislead and pervert mankind
4049|The pride of the unbelievers and their good deeds
6129|The promise of Allah
4777|The promise of Allah is true
5045|The promise of Allah is true, do not be deluded by satan in this life
2013|The promise of Allah to Muslims, the believing Jews during the time of Moses and before, and the believing Nazarenes who followed Jesus
7592|The promise of Paradise
424|The promise of satan
933|The promise of satan
1028|The proof of Allah
2001|The Prophet is warned that there are some hypocrites in the Bedouin tribes and in the people of Madinah
214|The prophets are equal in prophethood
3037|The prophets have different ranks
2210|The provision of Allah
2128|The provision of Allah and forgery
3681|The Psalms of David
8116|The punishment for backbiting and slandering
8174|The punishment of Abi Lahab and his wife
7523|The punishment of Hell
4656|The punishment of Korah, Pharaoh and Haman
6342|The punishment of Pharaoh
1836|The punishment of Pharaoh and his family
2288|The punishment of Thamood for their disbelief
1695|The punishment of the Children of Israel who broke the Sabbath
2313|The punishment of the nation of Lot
1291|The punishment of those who belie the Koran
2565|The punishment of those who break the covenant of Allah
3960|The punishment of those who harm innocent women
2641|The punishment of those who lead people astray
5142|The punishment that befell the village
2032|The purified heart and the diseased heart
6354|The purpose of our existence
1210|The question Allah asked Jesus and his reply
5019|The question Allah will ask His angels
2629|The question the leaders of the unbelievers will be asked by their followers in Hell
2091|The questioning of the unbelievers and their reply
4229|The questioning of the unbelievers on the Day of Judgement
1414|The questioning of the unbelieving nations of jinn and humans on the Day of Judgement and their witnessing against themselves
5876|The questioning of those who assigned daughters to Allah
3184|The questioning on the Day of Judgement
103|The raising up of the mount
546|The rank of Prophet Jesus
4691|The reality of this world
5168|The realization of the Day of Resurrection
1477|The realization of the harm doers
3090|The rebelliousness of the Koraysh to message brought by Prophet Muhammad
336|The recipients of charity
5250|The recipients of generosity in the Gardens of Delight
3025|The recitation of the Koran and the response of the unbelievers to Prophet Muhammad
896|The recompense for a Muslim who deliberately kills another Muslim
3049|The recompense of satan and his followers
6687|The recompense of the Companions of the Left
6672|The recompense of the Companions of the Right
6654|The recompense of the Outstrippers
6460|The recompense of those who do evil and those who do good
3906|The regret of the unbeliever
7549|The regret of those who denied they would be resurrected
5409|The rejection of Islam by many of the people of Mecca and Medina
153|The rejection of the Jews and their disbelief in the Koran
2902|The rejection of the unbelievers by their associates
2609|The rejection of truth
5807|The religion and message brought by all the Prophets is undivided, all the Prophets preached the Oneness of the Creator and the divisions in religion came about through the arrogance of others. Islam is the final message sent for all peoples of the world
177|The remembrance of the Name of Allah
3919|The repayment of patient believers
5426|The repentance and counsel of David
2152|The response of Pharaoh to the miracles given to Moses
7094|The response of the unbeliever to the Reminder
5023|The response of the unbelievers, Jews and Christians of Mecca to the Koran and Prophet Muhammad
4713|The restoration of creation
2572|The reward for those who believe
1460|The reward of a good deed
6772|The reward of Allah
2829|The reward of believers
482|The reward of believers
4682|The reward of believers who are patient and do good deeds
6025|The reward of Paradise
7534|The reward of Paradise
5052|The reward of righteous and evil deeds
7725|The reward of the People of Paradise
989|The reward of those who accept each and everyone of the Messengers of Allah
1006|The reward of those who believe
3767|The reward of those who emigrated in the way of Allah and were slain or died
2562|The reward that awaits patient believers
1273|The ridicule of the unbelievers
4880|The right of Prophet Muhammad
7242|The righteous jinn bear witness to the Koran and become Muslims promising not to associate anyone with Allah
306|The rites of pilgrimage
2953|The Sabbath
302|The sacred months
5213|The satans try to listen to the High Assembly but are chased away by a piercing flame
7908|The satisfied soul on the Day of Judgement
8085|The scales of justice
3909|The scales on the Day of Judgement
1645|The scorn of the Children of Israel
1435|The self-imposed dietary restriction of the Jews
3815|The signs and blessings of Allah
2874|The signs and mercy of Allah
2891|The signs and mercy of Allah
4103|The signs in the earthly heaven
2049|The signs of Allah
2513|The signs of Allah
2543|The signs of Allah
2977|The signs of Allah
3534|The signs of Allah
3774|The signs of Allah
2528|The signs of Allah and meeting Him
5148|The signs of Allah are all around us if we just open our hearts and minds
3404|The signs of Allah given to Moses
2696|The signs of Allah in His creation of the heavens and earth
4731|The signs of Allah in nature
5541|The signs of Allah in plants
3991|The signs of Allah in the day and night
5765|The signs of Allah in the earth
1363|The signs of Allah in the earth
7865|The signs of Allah in the earth and heavens
4082|The signs of Allah in the heavens and earth
3989|The signs of Allah in the weather
4762|The signs of Allah in the winds and clouds, and the earth
5826|The signs of Allah throughout creation
4724|The signs of Allah within ourselves
741|The signs of Allah, think about it
7938|The signs of the greatness of Allah surround us yet most of mankind, like the people of Thamood, reject Him on account of pride, giving preference to their own created ability rather than the ultimate power and ability of their Creator||15
1616|The signs of the Prophethood of Moses
931|The sin Allah does not forgive
1487|The sin of satan and his hatred towards humanity, story of Adam and Eve
4560|The sincere followers of Prophets Moses and Jesus
5132|The sincere man of the village
1078|The sons of Adam and the first act of murder
4176|The sorcerers recognize the greatness of the miracles and fall prostrate in belief despite their sentence to death
115|The soul that was slain
3912|The speech of the people of Hell
1821|The spoils of war
4963|The status of caliphate
2522|The stories in the Koran were sent as guidance and mercy
4798|The story of Lokman and the advice he gave his son
4499|The story of Pharaoh and Prophet Moses
2150|The story of Pharaoh, Prophets Moses and Aaron
3305|The story of Prophet Abraham and his family
2294|The story of Prophet Abraham and the angels
2738|The story of Prophet Abraham and the news of his first born son, Ishmael
2711|The story of Prophet Adam
3519|The story of Prophet Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Garden
1563|The story of Prophet Hood
4265|The story of Prophet Hood and the contempt of the nation of Aad
2267|The story of Prophet Hood and the nation of Aad
4307|The story of Prophet Lot and his nation
2745|The story of Prophet Lot and the destruction of his nation
3395|The story of Prophet Moses and his prophethood
1612|The story of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh
4135|The story of Prophet Moses and the exodus from Egypt
5648|The story of Prophet Moses, Pharaoh and the secret believer
2145|The story of Prophet Noah
2236|The story of Prophet Noah
4244|The story of Prophet Noah
1556|The story of Prophet Noah
3822|The story of Prophet Noah and the Ark
1574|The story of Prophet Salih
2282|The story of Prophet Salih and the nation of Thamood
4285|The story of Prophet Salih and the nation of Thamood
4439|The story of Prophet Salih and the punishment of Thamood
4326|The story of Prophet Shu'aib and the dwellers of the Thicket
4404|The story of Prophet Solomon and the miracles given to him by Allah
3259|The story of Prophet Zachariah and the birth of his son John
3646|The story of Prophets David and Solomon
3197|The story of Prophets Moses and Al Khidr, the Green Man
6123|The story of the believing jinn
109|The story of the Children of Israel and the cow
3130|The story of the companions of the cave and the tomb stone
2770|The story of the dwellers of the Thicket and Al Hijr
3274|The story of the Virgin Mary, the conception and birth of Prophet Jesus
3221|The story of Thul-Karnain
5856|The Straight Path
5908|The Straight Path is a reminder
2988|The striving of believers will be thanked
2062|The successors in the earth
5761|The sun and moon prostrate themselves before Allah
5518|The sun and the moon
5058|The superiority of Allah over those associated with Him
4166|The superiority of the miracles given to Moses defeat the magic of the sorcerers
4219|The supplication of Abraham
2651|The supplication of Abraham for his children and descendants
2420|The supplication of Joseph
1075|The supplication of Moses
515|The supplication of the mother of the Virgin Mary
2077|The supplication of the unbeliever in times of distress
1797|The support of Allah
4037|The terror and peace on the Day of Judgement
5738|The testifying of the hearing, eyes and skin
2617|The threat of the unbelievers and the reply of Allah
6650|The three parties on the Day of Resurrection
2022|The three sincere penitents that did not take part in the encounter of Tabuk
2545|The thunder exalts Allah with His praise
3669|The time of Gog and Magog
1133|The Torah and the Gospel
1861|The treatment of prisoners
6202|The Treaty of Hudaibiah
334|The trial of this life
1600|The trials of Allah
735|The trials of this life
8136|The tribe of Koraysh
2870|The trickery of satan
3109|The true followers of previous prophets weep in humility when they hear the recitation of the Koran because they know it is the truth from Allah
1389|The truth and justice of Allah
1609|The unbelievers
106|The unbelievers among the Children of Israel transgress the Sabbath
1153|The unbelievers amongst the Children of Israel are cursed by Prophets David and Jesus
1350|The unbelievers amongst the Children of Israel hide the truth
2184|The unbelievers are blind and deaf to the signs and warnings of Allah
2683|The unbelievers mocked Prophet Muhammad
6020|The unbeliever's punishment in Hell
1405|The unbelievers reject the signs given to Prophet Muhammad
4008|The unbelievers will never get the better of Allah
2899|The unbelievers will not be allowed to make restitution of the Day of Judgement
2339|The unbelievers wrong themselves
136|The unbelieving Children of Israel belied and killed prophets
6994|The unbelieving wives of Noah and Lot
2133|The unchanging Word of Allah
3484|The ungratefulness of the Children of Israel when they disbelieved and forsook the worship of Allah for the golden calf
1084|The unlawful killing a believer is considered the same as killing all mankind
5315|The unwavering obedience of Abraham and Ishmael to Allah
439|The value of prayer and charity
6774|The value of this life and the Everlasting life
3298|The variance between Nazarenes and Christians
997|The virgin Mary, mother of Jesus is slandered by the Jews
6998|The virgin Mary, mother of Jesus was among the devout
7302|The voluntary night prayers of Prophet Muhammad and those who desire to come closer to Allah
6964|The waiting period before the finalization of a divorce
7585|The warning of Hell
79|The Warning to the Children of Israel
3597|The warning to those who do not believe
5965|The warning, wisdom and mercy in the Koran
8153|The watering place in Paradise given to Prophet Muhammad
3525|The whispering of satan to Adam
4804|The wisdom and ethics of Lokman
487|The witnessing of Allah and His angels that He is One
4904|The wives of the Prophet are not like other women
7002|The wonder of the creation of Allah
1326|The Word of Allah is the Truth
4819|The Words of Allah will never end
330|The world in the eyes of the unbelievers
474|The worldly status of those who disbelieve will amount to nothing on the Day of Judgement
1302|The worship of other than Allah is forbidden
8128|The year in which Prophet Muhammad was born
7689|There are angels watching over you and writing what you do||82:6-12
2342|There is either happiness or wretchedness on the Day of Judgement
3120|There is no crookedness in the Koran
5767|There is no falsehood in the Koran
2541|There is no guardian except Allah
886|There is no one truer in statement than Allah
3369|There is none in the heavens and earth that will not come before Allah as a worshipper, but for some it will be to late
5804|There is nothing like Allah and everything belongs to Him
3188|There is nothing to prevent people from believing and asking Allah to forgive them
3022|There is nothing, either in the heavens or earth that does not exalt Allah
672|This life
4571|This life and the Everlasting Life
6497|Those adamant in their disbelieve
5558|Those Allah guides are not led astray
790|Those forbidden in marriage
563|Those nearest to Abraham
8143|Those of weak belief
348|Those permitted in marriage to a Muslim
4375|Those upon whom the satans descend
3702|Those who abandon the Revelation in preference to their own ideas
4598|Those who are guided and those who are in error
4998|Those who are guided and those who are in error
2104|Those who are guided and those who are not
2843|Those who are patient and put their trust in Allah
5120|Those who are receptive to the warning
3958|Those who are well off should look after their kinsmen and the poor
7828|Those who avoid the reminders in the Koran
2600|Those who bar others from the way of Allah
7289|Those who belie Allah
1671|Those who belie the signs of Allah
1840|Those who belie the signs of Allah
7501|Those who belie the truth of Allah and yet His signs surround us
1050|Those who belie the verses of Allah
1712|Those who belie the verses of Allah
1724|Those who belie the verses of Allah
8110|Those who believe and those who do not
890|Those who believe and those who do not are not equal
5100|Those who broke their oath and their demise
986|Those who claim to follow some of the Messengers of Allah refuse to believe or accept others
4079|Those who consider their own brains superior to the Revelation
325|Those who disbelieve after they believed
8023|Those who disbelieve and those who believe
7268|Those who disobey Allah and His Messenger
5773|Those who disputed the Book given to Moses
2848|Those who do evil and do not fear Allah
7015|Those who fear their Lord
6066|Those who follow the frailties of personal desire in preference to the infallible guidance of Allah
6809|Those who have incurred the Wrath of Allah
3983|Those who have light and those who do not
1789|Those who hear but do not listen
2026|Those who love Allah and His Prophet love them more than themselves
1229|Those who mock and belie Prophet Muhammad
7737|Those who mock believers because they worship Allah alone
1123|Those who mock the times of prayer
4565|Those who on account of their position in society reject Islam when they know it to be the truth
929|Those who oppose Prophet Muhammad
3706|Those who recant
4687|Those who reject Allah when they know the truth
2594|Those who reject Prophet Muhammad
2833|Those who reject, belie and mock the Word of Allah
7837|Those who remember the Name of Allah and pray to Him
1321|Those who take religion as an amusement
3330|Those who waste their prayers and those who repent
5777|Those who were associated with Allah will desert their followers
6093|Those who were worshipped will disown their followers
4941|Those who will be cursed by Allah in this life and the next
3192|Those who will not be guided
3779|Those who worship that which Allah has not authorized
1407|Those whom Allah guides
3244|Those whose deeds are lost
3249|Those whose deeds win
469|Those whose hearts swerve with disbelief
4027|Those worshipped other than Allah cannot create anything
3549|Time is running out yet mankind persists in the neglect of the Word of Allah
1102|Torah teaches a life for a life, an eye for an eye etc.
346|Treat orphans with kindness
762|Treatment of orphans
767|Treatment of orphans
5565|Trust in Allah and His Mercy
1722|Truth and justice
4975|Truth that guides to Allah
3571|Truth will conquer falsehood
1924|Turning the other cheek in personal affairs is often virtuous, however, when it affects the rights of a nation to exist, or if that nation is inflicted by external injustice, turning the other cheek spells social suicide. In these verses, when the early
1266|Unbelievers deny the verses of Allah
6988|Unbelievers on the Day of Judgement
403|Unbreakable tie
3355|Unfounded conjecture
982|Unjust evil words
2673|Unlike the Torah which was sent for the Jews alone, the Holy Koran is a message for all mankind not just for the Arabs
4751|Usury and charity
436|Usury and Trading
616|Warning to believers
827|Warning to the People of the Book
7915|Wastefulness and good deeds
1469|We are tried by the blessings we receive
5012|Wealth and status without belief and good deeds will not bring you close to Allah
2624|What happens to the deeds of the unbelievers?
6822|What may seem impossible is not impossible to Allah
1851|When an enemy inclines to peace Muslims must do likewise
1525|When false gods reject and forsake their worshipers
1279|When hearts become hardened
5576|When hearts shrink in aversion
1878|When non-Muslims ask Muslims for asylum it is obligated upon Muslims to protect them and tell them about Islam
2520|When the messengers of Allah were belied Allah sent down His help
1730|When will the end of the world arrive?
7595|When will the end of the world come?
5839|When you forgive and reform your wage is with Allah
7460|Where will you be on the Day of Resurrection?
7369|Where will you flee on the Day of Resurrection?
6474|Which of the favors of Allah will you dispute?
5706|Which of the signs of Allah do you disbelieve
5854|Who does Allah speak too?
4076|Who is further astray from the Straight Path?
4960|Whosoever obeys Allah and His prophet shall win a great victory
2984|Why the destruction of villages and areas occur
3135|Why the men of the cave left their people
7545|Will you be amongst those who say Would that I were dust!'
7387|Will your face be radiant or scowling on the Day of Judgement?
1168|Wine and gambling
5530|Winners and losers
7697|Winners and losers in the Everlasting life
2042|Wise Book
5688|With the multitude of the signs of Allah that surround us how can people turn away from Him?
779|Witnessing of indecency
4945|Women must dress modestly
786|Women's rights
1421|Work for the Everlasting Life
2189|Worship Allah alone
1474|Worship Allah alone
2372|Worship Allah and put your trust in Him
1368|Worship Allah, the Creator of all things
1296|Worshipers of Allah
1195|Writing a will
2649|You can never count the blessings of Allah
2979|Your book of deeds on the Day of Judgement
3060|Your final report card
1119|Your only guides are Allah and His Messenger
872|Your time of death cannot be averted
6951|Your wealth and some of your family are a trial for you
6759|Your wealth belongs to Allah, and you are its trustee
520|Zacahariah supplicates for a son